The Dodge Durango has Style

The Dodge Durango mid-sized SUV remains a sought-after vehicle for people desiring just the right amount of extra space. The Durango models available in Sioux Center are also visually appealing with its aerodynamic design and strategically placed accents. Though functional and capable, the SUV is additionally created to be simple but elegant.

Potential Durango owners have a choice between nine different body colors. The vehicles additionally feature polished chrome accents that make up the grille and side mirrors while surrounding the headlights and fog lights. Chrome is also featured on the front bumper and side steps.

An array of LED lights make up the running lights and headlights to provide greater visibility day and night. The rear of the vehicle boasts a solid ribbon of 192 red LED lights that cannot help but be noticed. Add a roof rack to carry up to 150 pounds more cargo. Visit us at Ver Hoef Automotive, Inc. to learn about Dodge Durango's other features.

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