Jeep Cherokee Exterior Features

The new Jeep Cherokee has an all-new look with dramatic lines, aerodynamic shapes, and an elegant yet aggressive curve. These styling features make the Cherokee one of the most stylish on the road, and it's also one of the top SUVs in its class. The upgraded trims and other premium features give you incredible options, such as a sport grill, more sensors for driver assistance, sharper headlamps, and interesting wheel options.

You can take your Jeep Cherokee up a notch with the latest 20-inch Alloy wheels, or you can pick from 20 different colors, including premium options that come in pearlescent hues. With handcrafted engineering, the Jeep looks more like a luxury car with lots of versatile and sporty upgrades.

Want to get into a new Jeep Cherokee? You're almost there. Stop by Ver Hoef Automotive, Inc. located in Sioux Center, IA to feel the power of the Jeep Cherokee when you take a test drive.

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